Why Does My Heat Pump Never Shut Off?

Why Does My Heat Pump Never Shut Off?

You normally expect that your heat pump will work the way it should when you turn it on. However, you also need to understand that your unit may come with unique problems which seem hard for you to handle yourself. One issue is your heat pump will not shut off and continuously runs the whole time.

Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Never Turns Off

When the weather is cold and your heat pump constantly runs, myths suddenly apply. You might think that your heat pump is not efficient enough or it is not designed for cold climate. Here is the truth: heat pumps are extremely efficient in cold climate and they are created to cater your heating demands in the freezing months. So before you exaggerate things, make sure to you read the reasons below why your heat pump will not shut off.

  • The Weather Outside is Extremely Cold

This might sound a bit strange, but many homeowners are not used to how their heat pumps work. Heat pumps are working more gradual compared to other heating systems and they help maintain the comfort inside your home by keeping a constant flow of warm air. Your heat pump may run the whole time, all day and night to keep up with the outside’s ambient temperature. With this, you might think that there’s something wrong with your unit for running constantly.

  • The Contactor is Damaged

Your heat pump’s compressor contactor administers how much power and when that power would reach the unit. Without a regular professional maintenance, your system will wear and tear and the compressor contactor can be compromised. Take note that when this part does not function properly, your heat pump might run endlessly.

  • Problems in the Thermostat

While your thermostat helps to regulate the indoor temperature, it can also be the reason why your heat pump runs constantly. Check your setting, but if everything in the setting looks right, check your wiring connections for damages. Call your local technician if you spot problems in wires.

What You Should Do When Your Heat Pump Runs Constantly?

It is a good sign that your heat pump is fine when you turn it on and it works. But if it runs constantly and never follows the proper cycle, then there is something in your unit that you need to give attention to. The first thing you should do is to call us here at Albers AC & Heating to help you figure out the cause of this problem. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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