What Happens If My Air Conditioner Is Too Large?

What Happens If My Air Conditioner Is Too Large?

Are you one of the many homeowners who think that no air conditioner is too big for your home? Well, think about having to wear oversized shoes, would you be comfortable? Of course not! This concept is misleading, and it can bring you to great chaos. Here’s just what happens when you purchase too large of an air conditioning unit.

  • Gives Your Home a Humid Environment

We all know that air conditioning units do more than just cooling. They are also responsible for keeping the right humidity inside your home. And for this important process to take place, the unit needs to operate at a considerable amount of time. When your A/C is too big for your home, it shuts off before the task is completed, allowing the moisture to circulate back in the room.

  • Shortens the Lifespan of Your System

One of the things that wear your air conditioning unit out is the continuous starting up and shutting down. When you have an oversized A/C, the temperature set in your thermostat can easily be reached, and the unit tends to shut down and runs again for a short time. This happens many times over the course of the day which means, you are drawing yourself nearer to expensive system repairs and early replacement.

  • Messes Up Your Comfort

You may not have any problems with the temperature, but the moisture that gets stuck in your place can bring great discomfort and damages in the long run. You can never feel comfortable staying in a room with very high humidity levels, not to mention the health issues and damages it brings. A properly-sized A/C runs longer to complete the dehumidification process while cooling your home properly. To give your home the right comfort, do not let your technician oversize the unit.

How to Determine the Right Size of A/C for Your Home?

The most common method used in determining the right size of air conditioning unit for newly constructed homes is the Manual J. It is the heating and cooling load calculation protocol used by many HVAC companies all over America. There are also factors that should be considered such as the size of the room to be cooled and how thick your insulation is. For this process, there is no better way than to ask for help from a professional HVAC contractor.

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