Weatherizing For The Next Cold Season

Weatherizing For The Next Cold Season

The cold weather will be setting in anytime soon and no one wants to end up in an uncomfortable home with a skyrocketing energy bill. Gear up with these simple but effective tips and prepare your home for the next cold wave.

Insulate your doors and windows. Air leaks bring pain in your comfort and wallet. Good thing, there are over the counter products which you can use to seal air leaks which are mostly in your doors and windows.

Cover your air conditioner. You’re done with your air conditioning unit until the next heat wave. Consider covering your A/C to keep all dirt and other debris such as leaves and twigs from getting into the unit. You can always remove the cover once the hot season steps in.

Insulate your attic. This is where most of the needed air is lost. Be sure to identify cracks and breaks in the attic and put necessary solution on them. Warm air rises and the last thing you know, you’ve been faced to a tremendous energy bill due to vast amount of air that leaks out of your home through your attic.

Clean your gutters. Remove all the leaves and other debris that may block your gutters. Remove all obstructions that may hinder the proper operation of your units.

Adjust your thermostat 2 degrees lower. Make some small adjustments in your thermostat. Setting it a degree or two lower won’t make any difference in the comfort that you receive and can add up to your energy saving strategy this cold season.

Schedule an energy audit for your home. Before the temperature hits its lowest point, it’s good to have someone perform an energy audit on your home. This will help you find spots where you can save money on your heating bill.

Sign up for preventive maintenance schedule. Call your local heating and cooling contractor and schedule a preventive maintenance for your units. Being proactive when it comes to your HVAC systems is always the best choice. By catching those small problems, HVAC technicians will guarantee that your unit is ready to face the cold season and keep your home safe and comfortable while giving you a peace of mind.

What are you waiting for? Fall is the best season to get your home ready for the winter’s blow. Schedule an appointment with the experts at Albers Air Conditioning and Heating.

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