Does Thermostat Placement Impact Heating Efficiency?

Does Thermostat Placement Impact Heating Efficiency?

Does Thermostat Placement Impact Heating Efficiency? The shortest answer to that is yes.

Thermostat installation can be an easy DIY task. That’s why when homeowners buy thermostats for their home, they just hop online and find helpful videos to use. This is a good trick, but sometimes the problem isn’t on the installation itself, but where you had your thermostat installed.

Window Placement

For some reasons, homeowners install their thermostats near windows but this is not a good idea. Windows are major source of heat even in the winter season. If your thermostat is mounted across from a window, the heat the flows in it can give your thermostat the wrong idea that your home is becoming warmer so it won’t give command to your heater to turn on. This will lead you to raise the temperature and get it cycling on which means higher energy consumption for the season.

Kitchen Placement

This is also not a good place to put your thermostat. The amount of heat in the kitchen is greater than any other part of the house. Lots of homes in Mandeville, LA are placing their thermostat on the dining area not knowing that this can greatly affect their heating efficiency especially in smaller homes.


The thermostat sends signals to your system depending on the temperature reported by its sensors. However, if the thermostat is blocked by some furniture, bookshelves, and curtains, the signal released by the thermostat is affected. Be sure nothing is blocking the face of your thermostat to ensure its efficiency in providing the right signal to your systems.

Where Should You Place Your Thermostat?

  • You can place the thermostat on the same room as where you put the heater but on the opposite wall. You can even get an equal distribution of heat when you place it on an inside wall, adjacent to your heating device.
  • Its good to learn the DIY thermostat installation process but it is also important to have it placed in the right area of the house. With this, ask an expert’s advice as to which part of your home should you put your thermostat for better saving and efficiency.

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