The Importance of Home Performance Evaluations

The Importance Of Home Performance Evaluations

Many homeowners in Mandeville, LA want to improve their home’s energy efficiency but are clueless of where to start in cutting down their home’s energy consumption. Well, the professionals at Albers Air Conditioning and Heating recommend a whole-house approach starting with a home performance evaluation. Check out the benefits that you can get from this important process.

What is a Home Performance Evaluation?

Do you experience high energy bills, poor indoor air quality or uneven heating and cooling inside your home but never know why? A home performance evaluation can help. It examines the factors that can lead to these troublesome issues by assessing the energy usage of the entire areas of your home including the insulation, HVAC system, heat flow, moisture content and indoor air quality.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from a home performance evaluation. You will be able to identify if there is inadequate insulation in your home or if your heating and cooling systems are not at their best performance. You will also be notified if there are leaks in the building envelope which affect your indoor comfort.

There are different tools that a certified contractor uses to give you a complete and accurate evaluation of your home’s performance. A blower-door test is used in identifying leaks and cracks around doors and windows. It can also be used for the pipes, electrical outlets and other features of the building envelope. Your HVAC system is also checked for needed maintenance, repair, and replacement. The duct system and seams are also examined for leaks and dirt accumulation.

When the procedure is done, you will be given a written report of the findings including the recommended solutions. Most of the time, air sealing, and upgrading insulation are the most suggested solutions to improve your home’s energy efficiency. If your home is poorly insulated, you will always end up paying too much on your energy bill no matter how energy-efficient your HVAC systems are.

Home Performance Evaluation In St. Tammany And The Surrounding Areas

Since 1989, Albers Air Conditioning and Heating has been the area’s most trusted HVAC company when it comes to home performance evaluation. Our technicians are knowledgeable, well-trained and detail-oriented. We always give accurate results and recommend effective ways to enhance your indoor comfort and boost your savings.

If you need a professional home performance evaluation service, feel free to call us!

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