The Importance of Good Ventilation – Albers Air Conditioning and Heating



Ventilation and air quality go hand in hand! Good ventilation will triumph over indoor humidity issues, and air pollutants. Humidity can be a problem inside the home or business because it is a reason for mold to grow. If there is inadequate air exchange mold can grow easily and quickly. The humidity level indoors should be around 30%; this can be measured with a hygrometer purchased from a hardware store. Living in a cooler part of the country doesn’t protect you from humidity. Moisture is generated just from breathing, bathing, and cooking. In hot climates, your HVAC system can pull in warm air and simply recirculate it contributing to the problem.

Some air pollutants found in the home or business can be off-gassing from carpet, chemicals released from construction or renovations, carbon monoxide, particles from wood burning stoves, pet dander, mites, dust and mold.

Exhaust fans in the kitchen are a great way to ventilate the house, especially if you have a gas stove. Fans in the bathroom and laundry room are crucial to avoiding a buildup of moisture. This would be considered “spot ventilation” because it is drawing air from a specific location.  If you have gas-fired heating appliances make sure they are sealed and consider installing a power vented system through the building to assist in removing pollutants.  This is called “dilution ventilation” because it can ventilate the entire building.

Investing in a high suctioning vacuum with a HEPA filter can prevent the same pollutants from being re-circulated throughout the house. Having your HVAC system cleaned twice a year by a technician can ensure it is clean of mold, dust and bacteria in the ductwork, filters and coils. Good ventilation can help family members and colleagues who suffer from asthma and allergies by helping to eliminate potential causes for an attack.




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