Steps on How to Install a Split Air Conditioner

Steps on How to Install a Split Air Conditioner

The efficient operation your split air conditioning unit starts with proper installation. There are unique specs which should be applied to every AC unit during its installation process. An erroneous placement of some components or the whole system will have a significant impact on its performance.

Every homeowner desires to have a high performing air conditioning unit for a more comfortable daily living. If you are ready to switch to a split air conditioner, know these steps to proper installation.

Steps to Install a Split AC

Step # 1 Positioning The Blower/Evaporator Unit

First off, install the bracket and look for a good outdoor location for the compressor unit. Create a wall penetration for the water condensate line and refrigeration. After installing the compressor unit outside, surely connect the refrigerant lines using a spanner.

Connect the vacuum pump through the manifold Gauge and then to the port of the compressor. Next, open the low pressure Gauge valve. Connect the low pressure (blue hose) to the compressor unit and the yellow hose to the vacuum pump.

Step # 2 Soldering the Mechanical Connections

Braze the mechanical connections using a solder in order to securely seal the nuts on the ends of the copper lines. It does not only guarantee zero leaks but it also ensures longevity long life of the system. You can use a propane torch to carefully heat the nuts and use solder to melt into the threads and spaces.

Step # 3 Applying Pressure and Working on the Electrical Connections

During this step, close the valve for the low pressure Gauge. Allow the liquid line valve to open through the use of an Allen key, and then the gas valve. Carefully disconnect the manifold the condenser as oil and refrigerant will leak. Open the liquid line valve fully before working on the electrical connections.

Step # 4 Plugging

The circuit must be suitable for the installed air conditioning unit. Power up and enjoy!

DIY Split installation is possible, but the safest and the most efficient way is to have it done by a professional HVAC technician.

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