Spring HVAC Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Facilities

Spring HVAC Preventive Maintenance For Commercial Facilities

Spring is here! The ideal time to have your commercial heating and cooling facilities checked and prepared for the coming heat. Sooner or later you will fire up your air conditioning unit for the first time. The question is, is your system ready to face the demands?

Here are important spring maintenance checks that you should never skip.

  • HVAC Replacement – Age matters for heating and cooling units. If you think that your commercial HVAC has been working for quite some time now, you may start creating a feasible plan for replacement.
  • Air Filters – Depending on the type of filter your system has, you may need to replace or just clean air filters to ensure proper airflow. After the long winter months, dust, dirt and other particles might be trapped in the filters and hinder the flow of air. This can strain your unit and may cause breakdown.
  • Outdoor units – Even though they are mounted outside the building, outdoor units are still as important as the indoor unit and need to be checked. You may include cleaning of coils and cabinets, lubricate fan motors and inspect wirings. Be sure that nothing is blocking the drain pans and condensate lines.
  • Indoor Components – Be sure to clean the important components such as the duct systems and air filters. Add lubrication for mechanical parts if needed. Do not forget to test the safety controls of your HVAC system.
  • Thermostats – Thermostat is responsible for temperature control of your HVAC system. Be sure to check if it needs battery replacement or if there are issues in the commands evident in the system.
  • Refrigerant Level – Insufficient levels of refrigerant does not call for refill. It needs repair. Leaks are the only reason why refrigerant levels become too low. Be sure to find those leaks and seal them before adding refrigerant in the system.
  • Inspect Wiring – The wirings of your heating and cooling system are potential hiding spots and food for pests and small animals. Check for damaged and burnt wires, loose connections and animal nests on the wirings to ensure safety in your well-being as well as your devices.

Have you scheduled your commercial HVAC spring maintenance yet? This is not your typical DIY job so you better get help from the experts. Call Albers Air Conditioning and Heating today! Our team of professionals is dedicated in giving the best comfort for your commercial place.

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