Size Matters For HVAC Unit

Size Matters For HVAC Units

You can’t buy cloth which does not fit you or the person you’re buying it for. Same thing goes with your heating and cooling system. The right size of HVAC unit is crucial to your comfort and home energy consumption.

Homeowners who find the importance of HVAC size often think that bigger units are the best to buy. This is simply not the case. The bigger is not always the better choice when it comes to your heating and cooling system.

Choosing The Right Size

Your heating and cooling system becomes more efficient in giving you comfort and savings when it is compatible with your home. Too small HVAC units need to operate at longer period just to provide the temperature set in your thermostat. This calls for higher energy bill and early system breakdown.

On the other hand, too big unit can also bring chaos on your part. Aside from wasting too much money, it easily cools or warms your home. In order to prevent too much or too less humidity inside, you have to turn it on and off every once in a while. This is called short cycling and it can cause your energy consumption bill to rise.

Either way, homeowners will lose money and are likely to experience system repairs, replacement and high energy usage as compared to those homes with properly sized HVAC units.

How Professionals Choose HVAC System

An HVAC professional can help you choose the right HVAC system for your home. This is not as simple as getting the size of your last system installed. There are also factors that they need to consider before giving you the suggestion that you need.

Aside from knowing the size of the room, professionals also take note of the construction design, insulation, amount of shades and the climate for they can also affect your heating and cooling needs. Reconstructing your house or simply adding window in it can affect the size of HVAC system that will fit your household.

Whether it’s for replacement or your first installation, it’s just right to ask the opinion of HVAC professionals before purchasing an HVAC unit. Albers Air Conditioning and Heating is committed serving St. Tammany and the surrounding areas since 1989 with only quality services and competitive prices.

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