Media Air Cleaners (RXGF and RXHF) Series

Media Air Cleaners


Improving the air in your home is easy with the Rheem Whole-House Media Air Cleaner.  Designed to fit any Rheem central heating system, the 4″ deep-pleat, exact-fit filter maximizes filtration and reduces replacement changes.  Available in two efficiencies, the Rheem Whole-House Media Air Cleaner can make the air in your home cleaner and more comfortable.

  • Traps and Filters – Reduces major pollutants, such as dust and pollen, from the air passing through your heating and cooling systems.
  • 4″ Deep-Pleat Filters – With filters that perfectly fit the media cabinet, surface area is maximized allowing filters to last up to one year reducing replacement changes.
  • Exact Fit System – Cabinets are an exact-fit system solution for your Rheem heating equipment providing quick installation by your HVAC professional.

Your choice: Whole-House Media Air Cleaner from Rheem.


  • Rheem Whole-House Media Air Cleaners
  • MERV 13 or 10 Filtration Options
  • Exact Fit to Any Rheem Air Handler or Furnace System


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Parts Warranty: 5 Years

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