Losing The Thermostat War This Winter? Try These Tips

Losing The Thermostat War This Winter? Try These Tips...

Are you among the many families in the country who have been dealing with heated arguments over the temperature setting? Read on for some tips to lose that temperature battle and let everyone feel comfortable this winter season.

Short-Term Survival Tips

  • Dress for the cold. Covering your body with thick blanket and dressing in layers can help keep you warm. Instead of using light cotton materials, use heavier fabrics like wool. Also, remember that when your feet are cold, your entire body feels cold so always wear socks. You can add up another layer of clothes if need to.
  • Have a hot drink. Drinking warm beverages can raise the core temperature in your body, making you feel warmer.
  • Volunteer to cook the meal. If you are not satisfied with the temperature and still feel cold, offer to cook something. The heat from the oven and stove can keep you warm and your family will be grateful at the same time.
  • Lighting up. You do not need a roaring bonfire to keep you warm, although it is a good way to fight the cold. Lighting up a candle near your workspace or during dinner can give a nice ambiance and extra heat too.
  • Eat protein-rich foods. Protein-rich foods increase your body’s DIT (diet-induced thermogenesis) which helps raise body temperature.
  • Get a space heater. If you spend most of your time in a specific room, investing in a space heater is an effective way to keep warm. Just be extra mindful of how often you will use it because it consumes a lot of electrical energy.

Long-Term Solutions To Keep Everyone Comfortable

  • Choose programmable thermostats. A programmable thermostat gives you benefits in savings and comfort no matter what time of the year. This allows you to set temperature schedules to accommodate the needs of every member of the family. You can even include in the schedule to raise the temperature when no one is around to save energy. The thermostat automatically complies with the setting so there is no need to manually operate it.
  • HVAC zone your home. HVAC zoning is an easy way to manipulate the temperature in each area. This allows you to adjust the temperature in your place as cold as you like without compromising the temperature in the other parts of the house.

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