How to Tell If You Have an Oversized Furnace?

How to Tell If You Have an Oversized Furnace?

Size matters when it comes to furnace units! Too small or too big size of a unit can cause issues in your overall comfort and might harm the entire heating system in the long run. So if you experience comfort problems inside your home or your unit runs faulty too often, one particular reason why it happens is an oversized furnace unit.

Here are factors that will tell if you have an oversized furnace unit:

  • Strange Sounds Are Heard

Noises are naturally heard when your furnace kicks in, but the loud and strange sounds that are unfamiliar to you might indicate that you have an oversized furnace at home. Sounds are created because your unit is not compatible with the size of your ductwork. Besides the oversized unit, these sounds also mean your heating system is facing more serious problems.

  • Your Unit Is Short Cycling

This is the most common issue caused by an oversized furnace. Your unit might run for about 15 to 20 minutes or less and then turns off on its own. This happens because it quickly meets the heating demands of your home for a short period. If you think this one sounds advantageous, think again. Short cycling has a negative impact in the operation of your unit, as it promotes inefficiency while increasing the chance of damage in the unit’s vital parts.

  • Occurrence of Hot and Cold Spots

In connection with short cycling, oversized units may also lead to hot and cold spots inside your living space. With a great amount of heat quickly pushed into your home, you can experience temperature inconsistency and imbalance from time to time, causing hot and cold spots in some areas of the house.

  • Low Humidity Level

Humidity issues occur when your unit frequently turns on and off due to size issues. Larger units that short cycle too often can result in low humidity levels inside your home. Take note that continuous exposure to low humidity can cause dry, itchy and scaly skin, allergies, and respiratory health issues. It can even cause damage to your wooden furniture at home. So if you experience all these issues, ask if you have the right furnace size for your home.

When buying a new furnace for the cold season, be sure that it is compatible with the size of your home. If this sounds like a hard job for you, ask help from the experts. Call us at Albers AC & Heating to perform a load calculation and assessment to find the right heating system for your house.

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