How Do I Find Out If My Air Conditioner Is Under Warranty

How Do I Find Out If My Air Conditioner Is Under Warranty

Warranties come with different types and deals. If you are one of the many customers who are unsure whether their air conditioning system is still under warranty, Here are some pointers that you must need to know.

  • Identify the brand and distributor of your unit.

It is important that you know the brand of your air conditioning unit. After knowing that you have a Trane, Lennox or other brands of A/C unit, you need to find the brand’s site for local distribution. You can narrow down your exploration by searching the brand and state where you live.

  • Verify the warranty to the distributor.

When you have first information at hand, you may now call the distributor. They will be asking for your unit’s serial and model number for them to verify if the A/C system is still under warranty. It will not take you long to find these numbers because they are both located in the same place.

Finding Warranty Information for your Air Conditioning Unit

Different equipment has different warranties. Even your air conditioning unit will have its warranty which covers the different parts. If you want to know more about your unit’s warranty, the first place that you should look for is the owner’s manual. These papers, however, are easily misplaced and lost. If this happens, you can search them online using the make and model number of your HVAC system. In finding the details of your warranty, make sure that the unit is installed and know when the warranty started.

Careless Mistakes that can Void Warranties

Here are some common mistakes homeowners do that can void the warranty of their air conditioning unit.

  • Failure to register the warranty. Not at all times, that the warranty is voided with this issue, but it can delay the maintenance and repair. Be sure to register the warranty right after you purchase the system.
  • Using Off-Brand Replacement. Replacing the parts with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment is always recommended by the manufacturer of your unit. This equipment is already tested for compatibility. Using off-brand parts for replacement can void the warranty of your unit.
  • Lack of Annual Maintenance. Failure to provide the proper documentation of regular maintenance can void the warranty. Warranties insist on regular maintenance to help prevent repair and replacements.

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