Home HVAC Maintenance Tips for Winter Months and Beyond

Home HVAC Maintenance Tips for Winter Months and Beyond

The winter in Mandeville, LA is long and cold! Without a properly working heating system, life there could surely be miserable. No one wants to live in extreme chill because of a failing unit or pay high energy bills due to inefficient heating. So instead of sacrificing, why not take a little time to do some simple HVAC maintenance tasks this cold season?

Here are the home HVAC maintenance tips for winter months and beyond:

Check and Replace Your Filters

Regular air filter replacement is a great advantage on the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. Besides that, it also helps address the issues that relate to indoor air quality and airflow. To get the most of your HVAC system, replace your filter at least once a month.

Clean Your Coils

According to the Department of Energy, your energy consumption increases by up to 30% with dirty coils. Be sure to check and clean both your evaporator and condenser coils regularly and properly. Clean your registers and vents too. If this job seems hard to handle, call the experts.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

Shrubs, leaves, tall grasses and other tiny debris that sit close to the outdoor unit can obstruct the airflow, which later leads to inefficiency or surprise breakdown. Make it a habit to clear the area around your unit and maintain at least 2 to 3 feet clearance to allow proper air circulation.

Use Programmable Thermostat Wisely

Programmable thermostats are designed to help curb the energy you consume every day. Make use of this functionality to adjust your indoor temperature and save some cash on your monthly utility bill. You can program the device to lower your normal indoor temperature 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours while you are asleep or when everyone is out for work or school.

Sign Up for Maintenance

It is important that certified and well-trained technicians inspect and service your HVAC system each year. Regular system check-ups can spot potential problems and prevent them from becoming major and costly in the future. So be sure to sign up for annual maintenance with a reputable HVAC company in the city. 

Your unit is not something you always think about every day. But for some reason, you need to prioritize it if you want to survive the cold of winter. Our team at Albers AC & Heating helps get the job done if you need expert maintenance. Call us now!

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