What Happens When Your Thermostat Fails This Winter

What Happens When Your Thermostat Fails This Winter

You won’t invest in a thermostat without a purpose. Thermostat plays an important role in your energy consumption, savings and proper comfort. So what happens if it fails? Here’s a rundown of the possible problems that may arise once your thermostat malfunctions.

Your furnace will not start.

This is probably a nightmare for homeowners especially when the temperature is at its peak. If the culprit lies in your thermostat, you may need to start an overall diagnosis to identify its cause.

  • Is there power? Check the batteries or if there are tripped circuit breakers. These commonly hinder the thermostat from turning on your devices.
  • When was the last time you cleaned your thermostat? Dirt and dust buildup can meddle in the electrical and mechanical equipment of your thermostat. Cleaning is just as simple as getting a fine brush and gently clean the portions inside.
  • Are there loose wires or screws? If there are, tighten them and secure the wires. If some wires are corroded and the thermostat needs rewiring, hire as professional technician to do the job.

The temperature in the room won’t match the thermostat setting.

When your thermostat fails, expect uneven and inaccurate temperature inside your home. This can greatly affect your comfort and your heating bill.

  • Is your thermostat clean inside? A clean thermostat provides accurate temperature.
  • Is it properly leveled? Some technicians may have incorrectly installed your thermostat, knocking it off level which can affect its proper functioning.
  • Is your thermostat located on the right area? Be sure not to put thermostats where it is directly hit by sunlight or near drafty windows and doors. It can give the thermostat wrong temperature reading and may result to too cold or too warm temperature inside your home.

The unit repeatedly turns on and off.

Sometimes it may take you too long to turn off your unit or it keeps turning on and off. This is going to be a big trouble in your comfort and patience.

  • Have you cleaned your thermostat? Dust buildup may hinder it from operating properly.
  • Did you check the anticipator? Sometimes it needs an adjustment. Remember to wait at least 2-3 hours after doing changes to see if the problem is solved.
  • Is it correctly installed? Incorrect leveling may also lead to inaccurate temperature setting.

Is your thermostat troubling you? Call the professionals at Albers A/C & Heating if you want quick and reliable solutions.

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