Erase Air Conditioner Smells with Proven Solutions

Erase Air Conditioner Smells with Proven Solutions

Is your air conditioning system producing unpleasant odors whenever in use? That can be pretty disturbing! Do not let these hinder you from having the best comfort inside your home. Here are proven solutions to remove air conditioning smells.

The bad smell that your air conditioner releases can be caused by dirt, dust and air contaminants that are gathered inside the system.  When these particles combine with damp and cool conditions within, the area becomes a breeding place for molds and mildew which causes the irritating smell. This will be distributed in your home along with the cool air.

Proven Solutions to Fight A/C Odors

  • Change Air filters Regularly

Changing air filters is an important procedure in maintaining your air conditioning unit. Aside from preventing the occurrence of A/C problems and high energy bills, it also gets rid of the bad smell. By cleaning or replacing air filters, you are preventing the contaminants from circulating back with the air. Your HVAC filter replacement schedule varies depending on the type of air filter installed.

For better results, upgrade your air filter to higher MERV rating. High-efficiency air filters are able to remove even the smallest contaminants such as bacteria and mold that can cause bad odors.

  • Schedule a System Cleaning

Just like you need to regularly check your personal hygiene, air conditioning systems are also entitled to complete professional cleaning. Do not let the interior equipment become a breeding ground for molds and mildew. A clean system will not just remove smells but keeps your system running efficiently as well.

Professional system cleaning must include the removal of dust and other particles in the coil, cleaning of the air duct, as well as clearing the drain line and drip pans. Excess dirt in these parts causes too much moisture that can lead to mold and mildew buildup.

  • Install an Air Purifier

A whole home purifier helps in pulling pollution out of your home. When installed in your system, it can remove almost 99% of the bacteria, pollutants, and odors in the air. These are usually installed in your system’s duct system and coils to prevent the buildup of molds and mildew and remove the existing ones.

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