Dealing with Extreme Cold

Dealing with Extreme Cold

December may have passed, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be dealing with the cold anymore. If you’re living in areas with temperature that can really hurt your face when you step out, here are some important things that you need to do before, during and after the winter roll.

Turn the thermostat down a couple degrees. Furnace also struggles in running constantly just to reach the temperature set in your thermostat. Don’t be afraid of a cooler indoor temperature and lower the Albers Air Conditioning and Heating or two. This will lessen the operation time of your furnace which can save you on your utility bill and reducing chances of wear and tear.

Prepare yourself for the colder indoor temperature. When the outside temperature drops, expect a chillier feeling inside. With the needed whole-house warmth, your furnace will be the busiest unit for the whole winter season. There comes the time when even the most expensive and high efficient furnace also struggle to keep up with the demand. Put on your sweaters, blankets and socks and get a sip of a hot cocoa.

Clear the outside vents. It is important to clear the outside vents where the byproduct of combustion exit. Sometimes, snow and other winter debris are clogging the vents and preventing the proper outflow.

Put weather stripping around doors and windows. Drafts are abundant in these parts and you don’t want an exchange of warm and cool air to happen especially in this time of the year right? Weather stripping is available in your local hardware stores.

Remove blockages on indoor vents and registers. Incorrect placement of furniture and rugs can block registers and indoor vents which can damage your system and can bring cooler temperature inside your home. Be sure also to check if the vents are accidentally closed, which happens most of the time.

Practice proper safety when using space heaters. Space heaters can be used as supplemental heat even if it means higher electric bill. Just be sure to place it nowhere near flammable materials.

Have a neighbor check your home when you’re not around for a long time. When you’re out of town for a few days, have a trusted neighbor watch over your house each day. Extremely cold temperature can stress your furnace which can lead to health and safety problems.

Are you confident that your furnace can handle the long winter challenge? If not, get in touch with the professionals at Albers Air Conditioning and Heating!

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