Commonly Reported HVAC Emergencies in Mandeville, LA

Commonly Reported HVAC Emergencies in Mandeville, LA

Nothing could be worse than knowing your HVAC system suddenly breaks down in the middle of the night. If you live in Mandeville, LA, you are surely familiar with the common heating and cooling concerns of many homeowners in the area.

Our team at Albers Air Conditioning and Heating will tell you some of the frequently reported HVAC emergencies we receive from Mandeville, LA homeowners. Continue reading below.

Frozen Outdoor Unit in Winter

During the deep freeze, your outdoor unit will typically have some white frost. What is not normal is when you see it completely covered with ice. If you do not address the problem immediately, excessive frost can damage the vital components of your unit. Ice build-up typically means that your unit’s defrost cycle is not working correctly. So when you notice your outdoor unit gets frosted, call us right away.

Frozen Coils in Summer

Your coil may get frozen if the refrigerant temperature is below the freezing level. Low refrigerant temperature could happen due to two main factors: (1.) you might be running your air conditioner when the temperature outside is below 60 degrees, and (2.) you are running the unit at an extremely low temperature. If either of these factors is at play, chances are you may have low refrigerant charge or poor airflow. Prevent potential damage by calling our professionals.

Clogged Condensate Line

Small leaks in your air conditioner may not be a big deal but fixing them as early as possible could prevent the occurrence of water damage in the future. The most common cause of this leakage is a clogged condensate line, which occurs due to dirt, algae, and rust build-up. The excess water stays in the system and often results in leaks, dampness, and water damage. Be sure to schedule a regular inspection on your line to ensure it is free from any blockages.

Outdoor Unit Does Not Turn On

This is the common issue faced by many homeowners in Mandeville, LA. If this happens to you, check if your switch is turned on, if your thermostat is correctly set, and if there are blown fuses in the panel box. If everything seems fine, then the culprit would be the burnt wires or faulty cables. Diagnosing these problems could be difficult on your part, so do not risk it. Call the experts.

Whatever your HVAC emergencies, our experts at Albers Air Conditioning and Heating can come to your place and get your system up and running again, we offer 24/7 emergency repair and services in Mandeville, LA, and surrounding areas. Contact us for any of your emergency needs.

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