Common Thermostat Mistakes that Are Costing You BIG

Common Thermostat Mistakes that Are Costing You BIG

Do you know that the common things you do in your thermostat can affect your monthly energy bill? Yes, you read it right! You may never know it, but simple things like abruptly turning up the heat can drastically increase your energy consumption.

Our team at Albers AC & Heating gives you these common thermostat mistakes that are costing you big on your energy use:

Turning Off Your Furnace and Thermostat When Leaving Home

Do you think turning off your furnace and thermostat when leaving for work can save you money? Actually, heating your home from ground zero means so much work for your unit. It would be more advantageous if you will just adjust the heat while you are away.

Abruptly Turning Up Your Thermostat

It might seem reasonable to suddenly turn up the thermostat setting if you have just arrived from work. But unfortunately, this won’t heat your home any quicker. Why? Because your heating system heats your home at a constant rate, regardless of the temperature set on the thermostat. If you set the thermostat too high, the unit has to work hard to reach the setting, which means greater operating costs. If you do not want to waste energy, have a little patience and wait for your unit to warm your space.

Not Replacing Your Air Filter Regularly

Dirty air filters can cost you big. It makes your furnace and thermostat work harder to meet your desired indoor temperature, resulting in poor unit performance and high energy bills. Be sure to check your air filters and replace them at least once every three months or whenever necessary.

Turning the Heat Up Instead of Wearing Extra Layer of Clothing

Do you know that wearing an extra layer of clothing can increase your body temperature by up to three degrees? Government research shows that reducing your average indoor temperature by one degree can save up to 10% on your utility bill. What we are trying to propose here is you try to put on an extra layer of clothing on cold days and lower your normal home temperature. Try this hack and see how it impacts your monthly bill.

It does not matter what type of thermostat you use at home, be it a programmable, non-programmable, or a smart thermostat. What is important is you know how to use it properly to curb your energy consumption and help you save cash on your monthly bill.

Should you need more thermostat tips, call us at Albers AC & Heating.

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