Central Gas Heating vs. Central Electric Heating: Which One Is Better?

Central Gas Heating vs. Central Electric Heating: Which One Is Better?

Cool air is on its way! No doubt, fall is already here! Knowing that the fall season has arrived, most homeowners in Slidell and Mandeville, LA are preparing their homes for the cold months. While others tend to get routine maintenance for their existing heating units, some might consider upgrading to new and efficient models.

When it comes to deciding whether to buy a central gas heating or central electric heating, a lot of questions may arise. On this post, we will share our expert opinion so you can decide which one to get.

Gas Central Heating

One good reason to consider buying and installing a central gas heating is its price. Compared to electricity, gas heating is much cheaper regarding the price per unit, and the evolution of the price of natural gas has a lower increase rate than other fuel sources.

We all know that gas boilers are becoming more and more efficient nowadays and they require less maintenance compared to other heating systems. No wonder many homeowners are opting for them. Not to mention, installing new and energy efficient boilers is easy-peasy as well.

But central gas heating is not only about good things! Since natural gas is used to run the unit, your house must be situated near a gas grid. Homes that are not connected to a natural gas network might encounter costly problems if they pursue using a central gas heating.

Electric Central Heating

Electric central heating is the frequently chosen option for homes without access to a gas network. One remarkable reason to consider central electric heating is that it has broad variations, including heat accumulators, oil cookers, underfloor heating, and A/C with heat pumps. Also, an electric night storage heater is easy to install because it requires fewer parts.

But unlike natural gas heating, central electric heating is relatively expensive unless consumers hold a “time of use” electricity tariff. On top of this, the unit does not provide the users an instant control, meaning you need to plan your heating needs earlier. You should know that turning your heating on at night will still heat up your home the next morning.

Let Us Inspect Your Place to Know What Unit is Better For You

Deciding which one to buy and install between central gas heating and electric central heating can be hard. Albers AC & Heating is here to help you make a sound choice before the freezing season comes. We can inspect your location and see whether central gas heating or electric central heating suits your home. Contact us for more information!

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