Can Your Air Conditioning Make You Sick?

Can Air Conditioning Make You Sick?

No matter how you clean your living space, there are still unseen pollutants that may assault your senses. These elements go under the radar knowing that they are not seen. Your air conditioner could be your lifesaver when it comes to battling hot homes. However, your air conditioner can make you sick because of so many reasons. While it does not mean you should begin to fear your air conditioner, it is a great move to know some potential dangers so that you can stay in control of your health.

Dizziness and Headaches

That headachy feeling you experience after being in your air conditioned room for a long day is not just you. In fact, it might be your AC unit is the cause. You can try turning AC unit’s temperature up so that you are not freezing. If you want, you can go outside for fresh air. This will let the temperature of your body to go back to normal.

Breathing Problems

Not regularly changing your air filters can cause different kinds of fungi and bacteria to accumulate. Take note that the micro-organisms that live in your AC can lead to some respiratory problems. The best remedy is to clean your unit regularly and change the air filters at least every two months.

Symptoms of Cold

Those who spend longer time in air-conditioned rooms are more likely to need health services often for symptoms of cold. To avoid weekly trips to the doctor, make sure that your air conditioner is thoroughly cleaned.

Raised Blood Pressure

The level of temperature where you live in can greatly affect your health and your blood pressure. Those people who are dealing with hypertension can stop this affect on their blood pressure through utilizing their AC unit at a minimum and avoiding very cold temperatures.

Weight Gain

Air conditioning can help when it comes to maintaining the bodies at the level of temperature where you feel comfortable. This causes to burn few calories rather than you burn in an environment where your body has to work in order to adjust to the level of temperature. When it is hot outside, chances are you will turn your air conditioner than to exercise outside. You also tend to eat more when the temperature is cold. As a result, you gain more weight.

Intolerance to Heat

You are heat intolerant if you are uncomfortable in hot weather. Those who spend more time in air-conditioned environment become intolerant of the summer heat. Intolerance happens from moving the body from the cool environment to the hot air outdoor. One great way to prepare the body for the hot air outside is to open the window or use a fan.

Taking your time in ensuring that your air conditioning unit is properly working without causing sickness is very important. We live in an era where pollution is everywhere than any time before. Sure thing, you want your living space to be a fortress against any harmful pollutants.

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