Albers Types of HVAC Systems

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There are many different type of HVAC system on the market today. Depending on your budget, and the size space you are wanting to cool or heat, the choices can be quite overwhelming. If you are looking to cool or heat just one room, or a small section of your house, a simple window unit, or free standing AC or space heater may do the trick. Obviously, these small devices are cheaper to purchase and less expensive to operate compared to a central system, but will struggle to heat or cool and entire house at once. The other option for a small space is a packaged heating and air conditioning system.

All the components are in one unit and controlled by a thermostat interface. The most common type of HVAC system is a split system which has components placed inside and outside your house or business. They consist of an AC that cools refrigerant, a fan, furnace or evaporator coil that converts the refrigerant and circulates the air. Ducts then transport the air through the building and a thermostat is used to manage the entire system.

Another option is a hybrid heat split system which is just like a regular split system but it more energy efficient. It can use an electrically fueled heat pump as opposed to a gas furnace.  If you have a situation that makes it difficult to install a duct based system, you can use a duct free split heating and cooling system. This type of a system has a heat pump, a compact fan coil, an outdoor unit connected to the fan coil and a control panel or thermostat. Please contact us at Albers to discuss what system will work best for your needs.

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