ALBERS – Things You Need to Know About Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Depending on where you live, air conditioning is not a luxury, but a necessity, especially if you live in a Southern state such as Louisiana.  Here are some interesting and helpful things to know about air conditioning.  Your air conditioner is designed to keep you cool and comfortable, before they were invented we had to rely on fans and the “ice man” who delivered large blocks of ice to homes and businesses to keep them cool.

In modern AC systems, heat is pulled out of your house and air is cooled, you can thank your evaporator coil, refrigerant, condenser, motor and your compressor/pump for making this a reality. Technically the modern air conditioner is a complex machine and depends on different factors to keep running properly. This is why it is important to make sure your system is always kept clean, the refrigerant levels are normal, your ducts are clean and not leaking, your filter is changed regularly and nothing obstructs your outside unit or your inside vents.

Dirt and dust are the largest enemies your AC system faces. A dirty AC has to work harder to keep up with the demands the consumer places on it. If you notice your AC is cycling on and off more than usual, or is louder than normal, it may be an idea to perform a quick once over on your system. This will identify if there is a reason airflow is being reduced and there is increased resistance. It is always a good idea to have your system inspected at least once a year by a professional. This will help increase its longevity.


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