Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning problems

When the outside weather gets warmer, typical homeowners will want to run their air conditioner. Naturally, majority will expect their system to work the way it should be. However, just like any other moving parts, HVAC system might also develop common problems. This is why it is always advisable to look for the best air conditioning service in Lacombe, LA.

Here are some of the most common air conditioning problems most homeowners face.

The Thermostat is not Working Properly

You would not get proper reading of your home’s air temperature if the thermostat is not working properly. Thermostats are very expensive, but can be purchased and installed by yourself. If you encounter problems with your thermostat, do not hesitate to replace the current one with a programmable thermostat. If you don’t have the know-how, tap a local HVAC technician near you.

Low Freon Level

Freon is an important part of every HVAC system for it to run efficiently. Knowing that it is a gas, it may leak from the unit over time. You need to find professionals that provide air conditioning service in Lacombe, LA as they have the knowledge regarding the proper ways on how to add Freon to your HVAC system. Moreover, Freon cannot be purchased without HVAC license. To help you with this, you can brining in a professional HVAC contractor.

Dirty Air Filter

Among the most common problems that mainly cause home’s air conditioner to malfunction is a dirty air filter. Air filter is a very important part of any HVAC unit. It is responsible for filtering the dust and other particles that float around the house. If your filter at home becomes dirty, chances are the air handler might freeze up. To avoid any possible air problem, change the air filter at least once a month. Air conditioning repair in Bush, LA can be very helpful, too.

Clogged Drain Line

For the HVAC unit to work properly, it must drain. On the other hand, dirt can build up especially in the air handler. This will prevent the water in the system to drain properly. When the system cannot drain water anymore, it might freeze up the HVAC unit. Both air conditioning repair in Bush, LA and preventative maintenance are needed in order to keep this issue from happening. When having a regular HVAC inspection, make sure that the HVAC technicians check if there is not too much dirt and dust in the pan located under the system’s air handler.

To avoid problems on your heating and air conditioning in Abita Springs, LA, always consider having an annual inspection on your air handler as well as your condenser. Make sure that the coils within the air handler are always clean. Look for qualified technicians to inspect your home’s HVAC unit such as the wires, Freon level, and connectors.

A reliable company is available to provide quality HVAC services, so there is nothing to worry because all your unique needs will always be catered in no time.


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