7 Springtime Energy Saving Tips for South Louisiana Homeowners

7 Springtime Energy Saving Tips for South Louisiana Homeowners

The advent of the new season brings a new opportunity for homeowners in South Louisiana to re-evaluate their energy usage and get their home ready for the warmer months. Are you ready to take on some energy saving tasks this spring season?

Keep your house cool without breaking the bank through these springtime energy savings tips:

  1. Invest in Energy Star Products

When buying an A/C unit, lamp or light fixtures, look for the Energy Star® label. Choosing these products can save you more energy than using other less efficient cooling units and conventional incandescent light bulbs.

  1. Replace Your Old, Inefficient A/C

Replacing your out-dated A/C is the first step toward saving energy. If your unit is on its last leg and seems to consume a large part of your savings, replace it immediately. You can avail a financing program if budget is an issue. Contact an A/C service in South Louisiana to know if you are qualified for a financing program.

  1. Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

If air conditioning replacement in South Louisiana is not yet necessary, then just check and clean your existing unit. Remove leaves and other debris around and inside your cooling system. Vacuum your condenser fins to remove the remaining dirt. For a complete A/C cleaning and inspection, call your local contractor.

  1. Weather-Proof Your Home

Cracks and gaps allow the conditioned air to leak out and give way for the hot outdoor air to get in. Check your doors, windows, and walls for cracks and gaps. Seal them using weather-stripping or caulk sealant. Request your air conditioning company in South Louisiana to help inspect and fix the cracks present in your home.

  1. Open Your Windows

Opening your windows can create a cross-wise breeze, which will naturally cool down your home. This is significantly advantageous if you don’t have to run your air conditioner at all times in the mild temperature of spring.

  1. Install Some Window Treatments

Window treatments like films, shades, and blinds can reduce heat gain when the temperature outside gets a bit higher. Not only do they improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, but they can also lower your energy consumption.

  1. Cook Outdoor

You can keep the heat out of your house by firing up your outdoor grill instead of using your indoor ovens. But if you don’t have an outdoor grill, you can cook indoors but should be in the morning or evening when the sun is low to avoid adding up another layer of heat in your home.

If you are looking for more energy saving tips or professional A/C service in South Louisiana, our NATE-Certified Technicians at Albers Air Conditioning are all you need. Contact us today!


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