5 Tips To Prepare Your AC For A Summer Vacation

5 Tips To Prepare Your AC For A Summer Vacation

When summer vacation comes to mind, we think about outdoor fun and adventures. But wait! Before you leave your home for vacation, don’t forget to give your AC a dose of TLC. Here are helpful tips to help you prepare your unit for summer vacation.

Change the Air Filter

The job of the air filter is to filter out the dust, dirt and other tiny particles in the air. It helps your unit operate at its maximum efficiency and keeps you stay comfortable at an inexpensive cost. It’s recommended to change your old air filter to prevent minor interruptions while you’re away.

Increase Your AC’s Temperature

While on a summer vacation, do not run the unit like you’re there. We never suggest homeowners to entirely turn the unit off, though. Also, turn the temperature to 85-degree Fahrenheit. This tip will not just help your AC work right, but also save energy. You can even invest in a programmable thermostat to easily set up your desired temperature.

Schedule Maintenance for Your Unit

While waiting for the big day, take advantage of the time left to schedule a professional AC maintenance. Some might think that maintenance service isn’t needed anymore since their unit looks clean. The truth is cleanliness doesn’t bring much difference. Some underlying issues are not always visible and easily identified. Make sure to call our experts at Albers so that you can enjoy peace of mind before and after your summer trip.

Clean the Surrounding Before Leaving 

Before going out of town, make sure that your yard is cleaned well. Clear out all objects near your home, especially where the AC unit is placed. Storms are unplanned, but it’s still better if you stay prepared. Cleaning is as simple as removing slack debris near the outside unit.

Install a Surge Protector

Your household appliances deserve optimum protection, thanks to surge protectors for doing that. A surge protector is a tool used by homeowners to protect household items against electrical charges. Power outages and other forms of surges may damage your HVAC unit, and having a surge protector could help you reduce possible threats.

Ready for some summer adventures? Don’t leave your AC compromised!  Make sure that your unit is in its best condition before going for adventure. Contact Albers AC & Heating to deal with any of your issues. We can give you expert advice and unparalleled service to fix all your HVAC problems.

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