5 Steps to Prepare Your Air Conditioning Unit for Spring

According to the Energy Star, your comfort system will work better and have a higher chance of getting a longer operating life when you invest in preventive maintenance. When you do this in spring, you are more likely to enjoy fewer chances of repairs, lower utility bills, and optimum comfort for you and your family.

Here are the five (5) steps in preparing your air conditioner for springtime in Louisiana:

  1. Replace Your Dirty Air Filters

Your cooling system may work harder, and the proper airflow may be blocked with clogged air filters. Louisiana’s warm months are exhausting enough for your unit even without the added strain of a dirty air filter. Be sure to do your A/C and respiratory system a favor by checking your filters and replacing them as needed.

  1. Inspect Your Thermostat

Check the battery and replace it whenever necessary. Update your thermostat’s temperature program with the changing season as well. You can shave off ten percent or more of your utility bills by adjusting your day and night temperature. Take advantage of its programming feature to regulate your home’s temperature when everyone is out.

  1. Clear Out Debris from Your Outdoor Unit

Like you, your outdoor unit also needs enough space to breathe. Check for bending fence panels, overgrown landscaping, and other debris that might have prevented your outdoor unit’s proper function. Two to three feet clearance around your outdoor unit is enough for it to work properly. Give it also a rinse using a hose when dirt and dust pile up its body.

  1. Clean Your Indoor Vents and Registers

As you think of springtime cleaning chores, be sure to include a vent and register vacuuming on your to-do checklist. Little dust build up in these components are normal, but the excessive debris, unwanted odor, and ripped insulation pieces could indicate bigger issues. Contact your local contractor to inspect the cause of these problems and fix them right away.

  1. Sign Up for Spring Preventive Maintenance

This is something you should do every year. Instead of requesting for an individual service call every time you experience comfort problem, why not sign up for a preventive maintenance agreement. It handles all the needed repairs and services at a more affordable cost. Talk to your local HVAC contractor to customize an agreement that fits your budget.

The spring season is the perfect time for you to prepare your cooling system for warmer months of summer. Talk to us at Albers Air Conditioning & Heating to get expert recommendations and services. We’ll make your spring and summer season as comfortable as possible. Contact us today!

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