5 Smart HVAC Tips To Get You Through Allergy Season

5 Smart HVAC Tips to Help You Get Through Allergy Season

Prepare your home for the long, beautiful spring season! You might not want to join the list of unfortunate homeowners who got to spend their long day with all those sniffing, itching, and coughing. Here’s a rundown of HVAC tips to protect your family from the allergy season.

  1. Get your home a high quality air filter.

Consider purchasing high quality HVAC filters for your home. They may be expensive but they are efficient in filtering microscopic particles such as indoor allergens. Filters should be replaced every three months or sooner depending on the air distribution in your home, not to mention if you have pets with you.

  1. Clean your HVAC units regularly.

Have a regular inspection of your outdoor units in case there are leaves and other debris hindering its proper operation. Although located outside your house, they can still make the air quality unhealthy. Same thing goes to your indoor units. Be sure to free them from dust, dirt and other airborne particles that can cause allergies to your family. Even the simplest dusting using wet cloth can definitely make a difference.

  1. Control moisture in your home.

Molds thrive in very moist places. On the other hand, lowering your humidity too much can cause you sores and blocked sinus. Consider installing a humidifier to maintain the right moisture in your home and prevent these respiratory discomforts. Upgrade your system for better solution.

  1. Keep your vents and registers dust-free.

Vents and registers are located on the floor or anywhere below eye level, and homeowners usually forget to clean these parts. Do not fail to clean your vents and register because they are the access of air into your rooms. No matter how regular you change your filters when your registers and vents are dirty, you’re still prone to allergies and other respiratory problems.

  1. HVAC Maintenance is a must.

Schedule a regular tuneup of your heating and cooling season especially after the cold days. Regular maintenance can ensure the efficiency of your system and prepares them for another season. Keeping your units shipshape is also keeping your place free of dust, molds, and other particles that can disturb the healthy air quality in your home.

There’s a whole lot of fun waiting for you by the end of the cold season. Follow these simple tips and spare yourself from worrying too much about allergies.

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