4 Common Problems On Air Handlers

4 Common Problems On Air Handlers

Have you ever realized that a faulty air handler or blower has a direct effect on how your furnace works? Are you even aware that this part is complicated and you need to bring the problem to the professionals? Here at Albers AC & Heating, our experts will share some of the most common problems with air handlers that might impact your comfort. We will also educate you on what to do when you experience them.

The Air Handler in Your Furnace Unit

Typically, your furnace comes with an air handler that is responsible for pushing the warm air through the ductwork and into your home. Also called as a blower, the air handler has multiple components and a motor, which works with the fan to heat your home.

A faulty air handler causes discomfort and low efficiency with your furnace in the long cold days. So, watch out for the four common problems on this part and call your local technician for immediate repair.

  1. Worn Fan Belts

Fan belts can stretch and can cause your air handler to turn too slow which results in reduced heating and poor airflow in your living space. So, if you suspect problems in the fan belt, make sure to replace it immediately for better comfort.

  1. Bad Capacitor

The split capacitor is a component attached to the motor on your blower. The capacitor provides a boost of energy needed by your motor to start and is keeping the electrical flow steady. However, this component can age, malfunction, and get damaged just like the other components in your HVAC unit. Get your capacitor inspected and changed to ensure proper operation.

  1. Failing Blower Motor

Your blower motor can become faulty for so many reasons, and if it stops working, your HVAC unit cannot deliver the right level of air needed for your home. Even a little issue in your blower motor can cause an interruption in the workflow of your unit. So when you sense a problem in your blower motor, call your heating and cooling technician immediately.

  1. Clogged Evaporator Coils

This one goes hand-in-hand with the problems of dirty air filters. If your evaporator coil gets dirty, it can freeze and cause a serious issue in your HVAC system. Your frozen coil can damage your compressor and might cause you to buy a new unit once the damage gets worse.

By any chance you encounter these problems in your air handler, immediately call your local HVAC technician. Our team at Albers AC & Heating can help you fix your air handler problems and other issues concerning your HVAC system. Call us now!

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